Sunday, 28 August 2011

Series: Back to School Makeup Tutorials

Hey there everyone!

So I decided to do a back to school series. I know a lot of people are just doing one look for tutorials. I thought this was cool, but then thought wait a minute not every age range should be wearing the same types of makeup. After thinking this I decided to take my back to school video tutorial one step further and turn it into a series.

I find a lot of gurus just do what they would think is great for themselves when they do videos like this. I was looking at it from a different point of view, especially when meeting a few grade 6s who were the children of my parents' friends. These girls had heavy makeup on. I was shocked. I couldn't understand why they would have their makeup like that, let alone why their parents would allow that. Now I do understand parents are all different. I for one will probably let my 12 year old start experimenting with makeup, but I will be there to help her with it (provided I have a girl when the time comes). This made me look back to how I did my makeup in middleschool and highschool and made me realize that I didn't know all that much and never really learned techniques to use. I only saw pictures and I thought I was recreating them.

This series is to teach decent technique to different age ranges so they can still experiment, but at least know a certain technique that will help them out a bit better. I will be doing a video for grades 5&6 (ages 10-12), 7&8, (12-14), grades 9-12 (14-18) and college/university (18+)

Grades 5&6
For this video I'm mostly focusing on light colours that accentuate, but still look natural. No lipstick, foundation or eyeliner will be used as they create too hard of looks for such young and delicate soft skin.

Grades 7&8
For this video I'm using a simple simple light neutral with a very pale pop of colour. There is a powder foundation, and a thin thin line of eyeliner.

High School
There will be two looks created for these grades. The first is a neutral look using the Urban Decay Deluxe Palette. It will be a pretty simple neutral just using browns and golds. The next look will be a more colourful look, still using the same palette. Both looks will have an eyeliner look, however each look will change for eyeliner.

This has 3 videos. The first will be a business appropriate look, good for presentations. The second will be a going to class look, and the third will be a good look for going for coffee and hanging out with friends on campus.

I am going to do 3 extra videos.
  1. How to apply foundation and make it last
  2. How to contour your face
  3. different types of eyelines and the pros and cons of each type. 
I hope all of you enjoy this series. Each time I have a new video, I will update this post and add the video underneath the grade/year of the video. I will talk to all of you very soon!!!


  1. Awesome vids!! <3 although im more dramatic your night is my day :P

  2. Hey! i love your blog its soo good! please check out mine! xx thanks :)