Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette

Last week Sephora sent out their VIP gift certificates via email. Mine was 15$ off your purchase of 50$ or more. I went in with my mom. I got her a Dior lipstick (she's obsessed with them), and I got this cute little Hello Kitty Makeup Palette.
 As you can see, the packaging was really simple. Just a white package with Hello Kitty's bow in silver. The cool thing about the packaging was that there was an iradescence. It almost looked like an opal so some sort of semi-precious/precious stone. It was really cool. Based solely on the look of the packaging I'd get another one of these. However, I have only packed it in my purse once, and the snap for the eyeshadow part is already starting to go. So I don't know if that was just a defect on mine, or if all the Palettes are like that.
 Opening the palette you have two options. The top is the eyshadow. They are gorgeous and quite pigmented. There are 3 shimmery/frosted colours and one matte. I'm glad that the added a matte colour, because I like mixing my textures when I do eye looks. I find that it gives my eye more dimention. The mirror is also a reall good colour. From the top left corner to the bottom right corner (going in a clockwise direction) the colours are ice cream (white colour), peppermint (green colour), chocolate milk (brown), and airplane (frosty purple). They are great colours. My favourite to look at just in the palette is the peppermint green colour. I don't own many greens, and I don't wear them that often, but this one is gorgeous.
 The next level is all of the lip colours. Now these I find are more of a gloss with a slight tint to it. They aren't full on lip colours. They are really great and a wonderful consistency, but I rarely wear lip colours, and when I do I reach for a lipstick tube, or a tube of lipgloss, so this probably won't be my first choice for lip colours, unless I'm on the go and it's all I have. From the top right corner clockwise, the colours are springtime, peach pudding, strawberry jam, and baby pink.
 Here are some swatches of the eyeshadow colours on my arm, the top part is no primer, the bottom part is no primer. From left to right the colours are ice cream, peppermint, airplane, and chocolate milk. I love the consistency of these eyeshadows. They're not chalky, and there isn't much fallout. They're really great shadows.

Watch the video below to see my review of them that I did on camera.

Hope you guys will go out any buy this palette. I love it so much!

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