Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day to Night Makeup Look

Ladies and gentlemen here it is! My first YouTube video! What I wanted to do with this was show you how I would take what I consider my typical day look (for school, work etc) and how to turn it to night for a special event. From a slight change of the hair, to changing the makeup.

I normally go neutral and simple for a day to day basis. So I went with a soft brown and a shimmery gold. To transform into night I added a matte black shadow to intensify the outer corner and added more of the brown to the crease to add extra depth. I then accentuated my cheek bones with extra bronzer and a beautiful highlight. Then making my lips look full with a two tone lip colour; a deep red on the outer corners, fading into a light pink in the very center.

If you like what you see comment and subscribe to my channel. More will be coming and I'd like to hear what you have to say. I know the quality is shitty I'm sorry, I still need to get a better camera and a tripod. Also I need to figure out how to light my videos better.

I hope you all enjoyed this! I'll speak to you next time!


  1. cute video :)
    i'm a new follower! hope to read more from u soon!

  2. thanks for that :) i hope you enjoy my posts