Monday, 25 July 2011

Update on Life!

Hey guys!

Firstly, for those of you who watch my youtube, my laptop needs to go through an intensive cleaning and reformatting. This being said, I won't have much access to my laptop and blog and youtube accounts. I will try to set everything back up as quickly as possible. I'm hoping to do the reformatting this week if I can. I will also try to film as many things as I can in the mornings to so of make up for the lost time and then edit them back to back almost and upload them as soon as I am finished.

Relationship-wise, things haven't been going that great, but I will talk more about that at a later date as things are still slightly touchy for me.

My throughout the years videos are still coming, just I keep putting them off because I'm getting close to a touchy point of my life and I'm afraid of filming. Still don't worry they will come!

I am hoping to get into a more of a health regime, so healthier "diet" (not a diet where I reduce foods and such, but diet as is how I eat). And exercise more. I will also post vlogs, and videos about how I exercise.

In just over two weeks (August 5th), I will be going to Montreal for the weekend. Friday night, I'm going to go see NKOTBSB (New Kids On The Block and the Back Street Boys) together in concert with my big sister and my cousin's wife. It should be a good show. I'm so excited. The next day will be a "big shopping spree" downtown Montreal. I'm hoping to get into forever 21, and some other stores to get some back to school clothing. I will haul everything I get while in Montreal as well!

I've been pretty busy lately with work and such. My boss has asked me to write up a training manual for the salon and well, that's been a hard job to do. Good news though! I get to take a week off in August and go to Stone Harbor, New Jersey for a week. I'm going for the week of August 14-21. We will be spending most of our days down on the beach and out in the sun. If you want in the week leading up to the vacation I can do a what's in my suitcase, what's in my overnight bag, what's in my makeup bag and what's in my beach bag videos and the sort. We will also be going to Atlantic city that week so there will be some shopping done that week. So when I return from my trip there will be yet another haul!!!

In other news, I didn't share this with you guys, but I feel like I should now, I got into a little car accident a few weeks ago, and ruined my back bumper. I wasn't going all that fast, but I misjudged my distance. Pretty much what happened was that I was backing out of my sister's driveway, a car was parked behind her driveway. Since she lives in a new development, the driveways and the streets aren't 100% finished, so I was going half by feel, and was trying to avoid the cars on either side of her driveway as well. Anyways the back driver's side corner of my bumper went right into the car behind me's door. There wasn't much internal damage, but for my car alone, the damage had cost upward of 900$ and the other car, the repair will be somewhere around 2000$. We went outside of insurance to do all of this, however my dad wants me to repay him the equivalent of the insurance deductible back. I owe him 500$ for that and I've already paid him 100$. Then my tires and rims were ruined in the front from hitting curbs. (I swear I'm not a bad driver). These cost another 450$ which I now owe him as well. So I'm thinking since I'm going to New Jersey with them, I can offer to pay the gas for the entire trip, and then in one week have around 250$ taken off of my IOU. This way after the trip I will only owe him 600$ and I can pay it back at 100$ every 15 days.

Now after all of my updates I hope all of you forgive me for my lack of posting. I will try to get more posts up later!
Love you all!!!
Kelly <3

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